David's Story

In 2013, David Wenzel was existing at rock bottom. While still battling his brain cancer prognosis of five to seven years, he went through a miserable divorce and felt he had nothing left to offer the world. But in May 2013, his closest friends gifted him a necklace with the Latin phrase "Flecti Non Frangi," inscribed on it. Translated as "To Be Bent Not Broken," this phrase means one who can endure hardship yet still remain true to themselves.

Because of this gift, David gained the motivation to survive the painful moments of seizures, heartbreaks, and failures. After outliving his prognosis of five to seven years, he now knows this necklace played a large part in his survivor story.  And as of June 2019, David and his supporters celebrated his 10th cancerversary!


In addition, he has written his personal cancer survivor story, Thank You Kung Fu, and is sharing his redemptive story with students, universities, hospitals, churches, conferences, and corporations. Download David's Speaker Profile or contact David to speak to your audience.

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"David Wenzel is a gifted speaker and powerful storyteller. His message of kindness, strength, personal growth, and inspiration will no doubt reverberate throughout our school. It is my hope that as many people as possible hear his message, and I strongly recommend utilizing his talents for any function or event."

- Brandi​​


"If you feel your group needs some hope or motivation, I can’t imagine a better guy to share it. Not every day do you meet a guy who has gone through what this guy has. I mean, the guy is still alive two years after his expiration date. I highly suggest hiring David for your next speaking event. He will go the extra mile to ensure your group gets exactly what they need.

I trust him. You should too."

- Donald


"I am excited to see David continuing to share his story, knowing he will change the lives of those who get the chance to hear him. He’s funny, he’s sincere, but he also knows how to provide practical strategies to living a better life. I am positive he will encourage the students and staff at your school, church, or conference."

- Josh


“You are amazing. Just amazing." 

- Molly


"If you’re looking for an authentic and inspiring communicator and storyteller who connects deeply with the hearts and minds of his audience, I would highly recommend David Wenzel. David was a pleasure to work with before, during and after being with us, and I am grateful for his intentionality in asking questions and getting to know our community prior to his visit."

- Scott


“Awesome sauce.”

- Carlos


“I love your transparency, your courage, your commitment, and your love for God. Thank you for being humble and allowing God to use you. He sure used you right this moment to open my eyes and heart. GREAT message!”

- Gina


“David… you were a league above the rest at the Story Conference. You have an amazing story and are an inspiration to all. Thank you for the message you shared.”

- Drew


"His willingness to candidly share his personal story forged a connection with our audience in which they were active listeners as he delivered his message. That message was precisely on point with our intended theme of kindness for the '18-'19 school year; he perfectly infused it within a powerful, memorable presentation."

- Annette


“David, you don't know me but you have changed me. Your story, your faith, your pushing past what the world would say is a hopeless cause and instead, placing your faith in true hope."

- Rebecca


“I just wanted to let you know how challenged I was by your speech you gave. I find myself sitting here and evaluating how I'm spending my days, my time. Thanks for that reminder.” 

- Sara