"To Be Bent Not Broken," a translation from the Latin phrase "Flecti Non Frangi," refers to one who can endure hardship yet still remain true to themselves. Our survivors will enjoy inspirational survivor stories, laugh with comedians who have cancer, sway along with musicians who have cancer, chow down on some healthy food, and be blessed with physical, spiritual, and mental relief. To the cancer survivors who can agree with this, it's time to get away for a weekend and heal!


The unique thing about this time together is that cancer survivors can attend for FREE based on donations from their local businesses. Please promote your survivor's living a full and wholesome life filled with support, motivation, and hope.

2020 is going to be different!

Each location will host one event in your area. Free feel to connect about Bent Not Broken about your city. 

Bent Not Broken is blessed to have survivors who are pleased to share their time speaking about our gathering. Thank you to Brian Kelly for these amazing images and to Union Avenue Creative for these incredible films. 

Check out these survivor stories below and get to know more about them!

"I NEEDED this weekend! I needed to hear each of the stories shared. I needed to be in a safe space where I could cry and where it was ok to talk about cancer. I needed to be challenged to push myself into something that created a great fear within me. I needed to laugh at the humor of a comedian who uses her platform to share her story. I needed to be reminded of the importance of how foods can either help or harm us. I needed to be reminded that God has given us this earth and our intuitions guided by the Holy Spirit to help heal ourselves. I found things I NEEDED that I didn’t even realize I needed! To be honest, I feel like time away at this retreat opened the door to my emotional healing process that I’ve been numb to." 
- April, Breast Cancer Survivor
"This weekend was perfect! It made me rip off the band-aid I had slapped on cancer and the whole healing process, allowing me to finally begin to pursue TRUE healing. I loved sharing our experiences and learning from the incredible speakers we heard from. The venue was perfect and the food was delicious. My heart and soul feel full and I’m excited to embark on what’s next in my cancer journey because of everything that happened this weekend. From being pushed to the limit on the ropes course, to tearfully sharing pieces of our journey together. Thank you doesn’t seem like enough, but know that I am truly grateful for this experience." 
- Tori, Ovarian Cancer Survivor

Meijer, Celebration Cinemas!, Brian Kelly Photography, Baas Creative, The AperioThe Art Of Vision,

Blessed Earth, Sparrows Coffee, RobinHood Ink., Miller Johnson, Nebraska Hematology-Oncology, Basall Pool, Eric and Teresa Johnson, Cliff and Tara Wegner, Mark and Deidre DeHaan, John Nienhuis and Jerry Nardin, Dan Behm, Ian and Meghan Ellis, 

and individuals who have chosen not to be named.